West Papua and the Stop Ecocide Campaign

The indigenous peoples around the world are living in harmony with nature and often see their livelihood destroyed for profit from timber, mining or otherwise. “You have ate my body. Which part that you have not eaten?” Mama Yosepa Alomang,

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24 januari ’23 Spreker tijdens International Conference on Achieving Climate Justice: Examining the Role of Green Crimes and Environmental Destruction Topic: “Protecting the Indigenous Papuan People by Creating the Crime of Ecocide”
9 december ‘22 Spreker tijdens Eendaagse Conferentie “Resisting Ecocide: Restoring Balance and Harmony to West Papua” - Queen Mary University of London - Centre for Climate Crime and Climate Justice
15 augustus '22 Spreker tijdens Herdenking 15 augustus Zwolle
20 juni '22 Spreker Panel Climate Change and International Law Conference
16 juni '22 Spreker in panel The Key Role of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in Nature Conservation During Times of Climate Emergency, Helsinki-Finland
15 maart '22 Spreker tijdens CSW66 Parallel Event: Traditional Actors Addressing the Impacts of Climate and Conflict Emergencies
22 oktober '21 Deelname in ELANCE Documentaire van Amanda van Hesteren
22 oktober '21 Podcast on Ecocide - Part II of The Auxiliary Chamber, hosted by Bram Burger and Noa van der Meché
28 mei 2021 Interview Reformatorisch Dagblad “Mensenrechten zijn in oplaaiend conflict Papoea van latere zorg"
11 maart 2021 Webinar “Ecocide in West Papua”, Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal, Land en Volkenkunde
10 maart 2021 Paneldeelnemer “Creating the Crime of Ecocide” tijdens Annual Meeting of American Society of International Law
1 december '20 Bijdrage 1 december-viering Sophia museum
Den Haag - Nederland
6 december '19 Ecocide Symposium
Den Haag - Nederland
6 oktober 2019 Gastspreker tijdens Afro Vibes Festival, Speaking Truth to Power
Den Haag - Nederland
18 mei 2019 Moderator tijdens Seminar Human Rights Challenged in West Papua: Prospects, Reforms and Conflict Resolution in Indonesia after the Elections
Den Haag - Nederland
16 mei 2019 Gastcollege ‘Ecocide en West Papua’, Erasmus School of Law, Master International Environmental Law, Erasmus Universiteit
Rotterdam - Nederland
9 mei 2019 Gastspreker ‘West Papua through the Prism of International Law’
Tilburg University - Nederland

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