“Schouten-Korwa” symbolizes the power of connection. Schouten is the name of the seafarer who put the Schouten islands, now called Biak, on the map. Biak is the island where my father Fred Korwa was born and raised. Schouten is also the family name of my husband and father of my children.


Since my law study (Dutch Law with a major International Law) I have always been an active advocate for the protection of human rights. I have a particular interest in the right of self-determination with a focus on the rights of indigenous peoples. After receiving a law degree in 1993, I worked for two non-profit organizations and as a registrar at the District Court of the Hague.


I am registered as a lawyer at the Netherlands Bar since 2009. For a period of 6 years, I worked at a law firm in Leiden. Subsequently, I worked 4 years as a senior lawyer at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 2019 I started as an independent lawyer. I combine my work as an independent lawyer with my work as a senior lawyer at the University of Leiden.


aug. 2019 - present Pro bono legal counselor,
Papua Support Foundation (Dutch abbreviation: HAPIN)
aug. 2019 - present Coordinator,
Cooperating Organizations for West Papua


2 Juli 2018 Radio 1, Interview n.a.v. Rapport Amnesty International Don’t bother, just let them die.
uitzending 2 juli 2018 tijdsblok 07:00-08:00, bij 0:51:00
4 December 2018 Nederlands Dagblad
Arrestaties in Indonesië bij mars van Papoea’s
24 November 2017 Nederlands Dagblad
Laatste kans voor kwestie West Papua


6 October 2019 Guest Speaker at Afro Vibes Festival, Speaking Truth to Power
The Hague - The Netherlands
18 May 2019 Chair Organizing Committee and Moderator at Seminar Human Rights Challenged in West Papua: Prospects, Reforms and Conflict Resolution in Indonesia after the Elections
The Hague - The Netherlands
16 May 2019 Guest lecturer 'Ecocide en West Papua’, Erasmus School of Law, Master International Environmental Law
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam - The Netherlands
9 May 2019 Guest speaker ‘West Papua through the Prism of International Law’
Tilburg University - The Netherlands
25 November 2018 Speaker at the Workshop Human Rights, tijdens ‘HAPIN 45 jaar, Beleef Papua op een dag’
Utrecht - The Netherlands
3 June 2018 Guest Speaker during Workshop Environmental Crime in West Papua
Tromsø - Norway
5 April 2018 Speaker at Conference on West Papua’s Right to Self-Determination
The Hague - The Netherlands

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